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A good hotel can make the difference between a disastrous trip and one that you will look back on fondly. Finding suitable accommodation is not always easy, but with the right information, you can feel confident that you are making the right choice. Use our site to help you find suitable lodging for your next trip. Read our posts to learn which features you should look out for in any hotel and get an idea of which optional extras are the most important to you. Our resources can help you to find the perfect hotel or lodging for your next trip.



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Two tips to follow when booking a hotel in Prague for the first time
19 January 2022

If you'll be visiting Prague for the first time an


Two tips to follow when booking a hotel in Prague for the first time

If you'll be visiting Prague for the first time and need to choose a hotel in the city, here are two tips to follow.

Don't assume you need to choose a Prague hotel in the area nearest to the attractions you're interested in

When visiting a new place, many tourists choose to opt for the hotels that are closest to the attractions they're interested in so they don't need to travel far from their accommodation to reach these attractions. However, you don't necessarily have to do that when visiting Prague.

If, for example, most of the sights you want to see are located within Prague's New Town (such as the Dancing House, the Národní Museum, etc.), you should still check out the Prague hotels in the city's Old Town to see if any of them are more suitable for your budget or other needs than the hotels in the New Town. You might, for instance, prefer the look of the Gothic architecture that is more prevalent in the Old Town to the mostly modern architecture that's found in the city's New Town.

The reason you should take this advice is that Prague is relatively compact and has excellent public transport, and its Old Town is a very short distance from its New Town. As such, if you choose to stay in a beautiful Gothic hotel in the city's Old Town, you won't necessarily have to travel far to reach the sights you want to see in the New Town and you'll get to enjoy staying in a hotel that suits your accommodation preferences.

Don't limit yourself to looking at three- or four-star hotels if your travel budget is small

If your travel budget is always modest and you've only ever been able to afford to stay at three or four-star hotels in the past, you might assume that you need to do the same when visiting Prague. However, it's worth checking out the city's five-star hotels, too.

The reason for this is that whilst the city's five-star hotels may be similarly priced to those found in other areas of Europe, Prague as a whole is a cheaper city to visit than many other popular European cities. The restaurants, public transport, bars, clubs and entry fees for attractions are, for the most part, very affordable (particularly if you avoid the tourist hotspots). Because of this, you might find that you can spend a bit more than you usually would on your accommodation and treat yourself to a night or two in one of Prague's finest five-star hotels during your visit.

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